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Anyone who has ever hosted a poker game knows that there is a lot more effort put into it than just providing a deck of cards and a bag of pretzels. My Poker Standings is a service that will take the frustration out of hosting by providing easy to use tools that will help you run your game while adding a new level of fun and exitment to it.

Common Problems Solved:

My Poker Standings is a site built by people who have hosted many, many card games over the years and understand the main challenges in doing so. Here are a few of the common problems that this site aims to help you solve:

  • The amount of money collected does not match the amount of chips cashed in
  • Players don't know or understand your house rules (string betting, mobile phones, showing cards, etc)
  • You have to make 30 phone calls, or send as many emails in order to set up the session
  • You are never really sure who is going to show up
  • You find yourself trying to explain how to get to your house over and over again
  • There are no records of players' results

There is more involved with hosting a poker night than shuffling and dealing, and this is where My Poker Standings comes to the rescue!

Tracking the number of chips that should be in play is easy. You can update the session info on the Schedule page as players buy in. The system will total the buy-ins automatically and display how many chips are in play along with the total amount for both buy-ins and cash-outs since the beginning of the session. Don't be afraid to "Save Changes" frequently, doing so will update the totals, and the session results won't be posted until every player has cashed out (so be sure to enter a cash-out value for everyone, even if their total is zero!) You can also use this system to track the order that players finish and their winnings when playing tournament style. It even has an option for assigning bounties!

In the House Info section, you will have complete control over the way your game runs. Here you can write your own set of custom house rules and house etiquitte (or modify our standard set to fit your needs). You can change your game settings for cash or tournament style play. You will be able to customize the way the standings keep track of the results. You can also provide a your name and phone number so that your players can contact you easily. There is also a space for game location (though we recommend against using a specific address, something like "Mike's House" or "The Lodge" could be very helpful).

Invitations are simple with My Poker Standings. Enter an email address for your players on the Players page, and then follow the "send invitations" link next to any upcoming session you have scheduled. This page will provide an automated invitation template that includes the players name, game day, date and time, phone number and location. If you'd like, you can make changes to the invitation to personalize the message. Then simply check the boxes next to the list of players to select who you want to invite. To make things even easier, the players who you have set to "include this player when I send invitations" will already be selected for you. When you send invitations, each player you have selected will receive the invitation in their email box and the email will look like it came directly from you, so players can contact you directly if they have any questions.

The Standings:

If you have been around the game for long enough you understand that any given session is not necessarilly a good indicator of a players true ability. Short term cycles of luck have an effect your results at the end of the night. The only way to see who is truely among the best is to compaire all players over many sessions on an even scale. And so we have created a standings system to do just that.

With the default settings, the standings system calculates each player's points based on their previous 10 sessions and their lifetime average (weighted as 1 additional session). The players are ranked from highest to lowest based on this point total. In addition to a players points and rank, the standings table also shows the change in rank from the previous session, date of the player's most recent session, total number of sessions attended, and average winnings.

There are many ways to customize the standings to fit your needs. The default settings work very well for a typical home game (5-25 players per session, playing every other week or so), but if you feel the need to tweek these settings, see the help section for a description of what each setting controls.

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